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Artist Trading Cards Swap (ATC)

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We will have new themes each month to work with and it doesn't matter?if you are just starting or if you've been making them for months or years.

It's fun and interesting to see what others are doing with their ATCs?you can get some ideas, tips, tricks, find out a new technique, and get inspired!

We will have both posted and hand delivered swaps so everyone from everywhere can join in the fun!

They must have at least 3 different elements used Stamping, embossing, fabric, brads,?Stitching, distressing etc and be 2.5"x3.5", or 64x89mm in size.

They must be held in an ATC 9 pocket Sleeve. We have them in stock just click the highlighted words.

You need to make 9 for swapping more if you wish.

For those posting in their ATC's please enclose a stamped self address envelope.

The week each theme is due you will be able to post or drop off your ATCs.

We will post them on our Facebook page and on our website gallery.

International Members will need to pay a small fee of $10au to cover Return Postage?through PayPal.This will be used for the return postage on the swaps you enter into?and you will be notified when it runs out.

***Please let us know if you are doing a swap and?we will put your name in the swaps for each Month.***

Swaps Themes for 2014


Anything to do with Australia

Due the week starting Jan 26th 2013 Swap day Jan 31st 2014


Must have a wobbly eye

Due the week starting Feb 23rd Swap day Feb 28th 2014

In the Sky

Must use blue

Due the week starting Mar 23rd Swap day Mar 31st 2014

Favourite Toy: from your childhood

Must have button (ie: Mr Potato Head,Gumby)

Due the week starting Apr 27th Swap day Apr 30th 2014

Wild Animals

Must have patterned background

Due the week starting May 25th Swap day May 31st 2014


Must use Glitter or Bling

Due the week starting Jun 22nd Swap day Jun 30th 2014


Must have more than one butterfly

Due the week starting Jul 27th ?Swap day Jul 31st 2014


Make an ATC that represents your history

Due the week starting Aug 24th Swap day Aug 31st 2014


Must use angles

Due the week starting Sept 21st Swap day Sept 30th 2014


Must use a part of a real plant (Dried)

Due the week starting Oct 26th Swap day Oct 31st 2014

Men in Uniform

Can be any uniform

Due the week starting Nov 23rd Swap day Nov 30th 2014

Bucket List

The one thing you really want to do before you kick the bucket

Due the week starting Dec 28th Swap day Dec 31st 2014

***Please let us know if you are doing a swap by joining the event each Month by email members will be invited to join each swap by joining an event. ***

Please don't forget to put these details on the back


Home town:

Swap Theme:



And if you have room Details of what you used to make the ATC.

They (any theme) can be made in any medium,?paper, polymer clay, Metal, plastic, fabric etc.

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